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Kapuhala Spartan SGX Training

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Spartan Sprint 2019 Race is on June 1st. Start training for it this April at Kapuhala!

Kapuhala's obstacle training course is returning to our studio this April to get you prepared for the race! This year Simon Passmore, an accredited Spartan SGX coach, will head a comprehensive 8 week course. Focusing on athletic conditioning using HIIT and functional training drills Simon will prepare you mentally and physically for the challenges of the Spartan race. You will also work on improving your skills for some of the more challenging obstacles such as 16 ft rope climb, spear throw, bucket brigade, tire drag, Hercules hoist and more.

Discovery bay is uniquely suited to simulate the environment of the actual race. You will work on your athletic endurance by alternating between different training environments to achieve the best results. We have designed different and challenging training sessions on the beach, drills in the park as well as more specialised resistance training indoors.

Kapuhala Training Space is now listed on the Spartan HK website as a location with an accredited coach.

Coach Bio

Simon has a passion for healthy living and personal training. He switched from a career

working in banking to health and fitness industry to help train and motivate others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Coach Passmore is highly experienced and has a wealth of practical knowledge on Obstacle Course Racing having completed all three main Spartan race distances across Asia (Sprint 6 km+, Super 13 km+ and Beast 21 km+) and winning an age group category at the Beast distance. Additionally he recently completed the 24 hour race at the Spartan World Ultra Championships in Iceland. In 2019 as well as competing individual race distances he is going to compete in a Trifecta weekend in Hawaii.

As a personal trainer Simon is also highly adaptable to individual needs and is mindful of providing exercise modalities to course participants in order to maximise their training efforts despite possible individual limitations.

Price and Schedule

The course will commence on 5th of April with 2 sessions every week.

Friday's 11:30 am and Saturday's 12:30pm


300 single session

1200 for 5 sessions

10 sessions 2000

3000 for all 18 sessions

Contact us for more information at

Or book here!

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