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NEW CLASS at Kapuhala – K-fit

Dear members, old and new!

Your community fitness studio is almost back to business as usual and to celebrate that we are launching a brand new class – K-fit.

This class will incorporate hard and challenging workouts as well as an educational element. You will learn the correct technique for various exercises and then implement that knowledge in your workout.

At the start of each class the instructor will deconstruct complex movements and give you tips on how to best perform them. This will also help you lift slightly heavier weights, changing the training stimulus and give you even better results!

The main workout portion of the class will be challenging but is scaled to your abilities and will push you to your personal maximum. This class will challenge you in new and different ways that will fast track your athleticism, strength and endurance.

How is this class different from others? Class structure is very dynamic. In a single session you could be lifting heavy weights, light weights, keeping high heart rate with cardio and hitting high value of reps with body weight – effectively combining multiple styles of training in a single session.

I’m not that fit, will I be able to do it?

Without a doubt. Exercising with high heart rate is not easy, but your body will adapt if you stay consistent in your training. However, your safety is our priority and the instructor will advise on suitable alternatives to match your physical abilities.

Join K-fit every

Wednesday 9.15 am with Ray,

Thursday 5.30 pm with Tayla

and Saturday 9.15 with Ivaras

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