Kapuhala Personal Training offers workouts that consider your fitness starting point and are tailored to your individual needs and future goals. If you’ve had a prolonged break from fitness, Personal Training is also a good way to get a refresher, build back your confidence and help you take back the reins of your own personal health and fitness. 



Personal Trainer

Ewa has been a fitness trainer for over 12 years. Although originally from Poland she has also worked in California, Shanghai and is now based in Hong Kong. Having acquired considerable experience in a wide range of disciplines such as bodybuilding, cycling, ultra-marathon running and short distance racing, Ewa is able to leverage those skills to create fun and challenging group sessions. Currently, most of her time is devoted to High-Intensity Training – a style which helped her get back into shape only 4 months after giving birth for the second time. Ewa is vastly experienced in training pre and post-natal clients, proving that regardless of age staying fit during or after pregnancy is undoubtedly possible with careful and smart programming.

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Certified Instructor

Pre and Postnatal Certified Trainer

Sports Nutrition Certified Trainer

Kettlebell Certified Trainer


Personal Trainer

Your life only gets better as you do.  Each session with Tyler you will work on building your mental and physical strength through a wide range of challenges that burn fat and build muscle along the way. Tyler has been training clients for over 12 years and strongly believes in mastering your own body and coordination, balance, as well as body weight exercises,  are all key components to achieving that. Lengthening your muscles is just as important as strengthening them, which is why stretching and corrective exercises like foam rolling are a priority for Tyler. Such exercises are necessary to help the body lengthen, facilitate proper joint alignment and positioning which ultimately leads to improving your overall wellbeing. Discover the new you! 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CES Corrective Excercise Specialist

The University of Washington, BA Psychology Degree


Personal Trainer

Rosa spent most of her life being involved in sporting activities. Born and raised in the area of Lapland in northern Finland, Rosa competed at the highest levels in cross country skiing as well as track and field competitions. Here in Hong Kong, through her discovery of Les Mills and Kapuhala, she was able to utilise her athletic achievements and sportsmanship experience to deliver passionate, motivating and high energy workouts to each and every person attending her classes and private sessions. As a personal trainer, Rosa focuses on determining your individual goals and helping you achieve them through teaching you safe and correct ways of exercising. Every client is different and requires a unique approach!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Les Mills GRIT Strength, Athletic and Cardio Instructor

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor

Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor

HIIT STEP Instructor

FBX Instructor

TRX Certified Instructor


Personal Trainer

Simon has been competing in a variety of team and individual sports his whole life, plus running races through to marathon level. More recently he has developed a passion for the strength, endurance and athleticism required for obstacle course races leading to his personal training style being that of functional exercise modalities. Simon has a passion for healthy living and nutrition, and as a previous finance professional he enjoys helping clients mix busy lives with achieving their fitness goals.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Spartan SGX Certified Coach

TRX Certified Instructor

Animal Flow Level 1 Instructor

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach


Personal Training

$700/single session

$6750/10 sessions

$13000/20 sessions

Small Group Training (groups are predetermined by clients with a maximum of 3 persons)

$900/single session

$8500/10 session

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  • See Real Results Faster - working with a personal trainer helps you focus your efforts and strike a proper balance between all forms of exercise, getting you real results in a shorter timeframe.

  • Avoid Injuries - a personal trainer will work around your specific needs and help you modify exercises or find alternative ones to avoid exacerbating your injury and causing a flare-up.


  • Setting Achievable Goals - when we don’t see results or can’t really do the activity correctly it’s easy to get discouraged and retreat.  A personal trainer helps you recognize your current level of fitness and set achievable goals that keep you motivated and on track to get fitter. 


  •  Keeping Yourself Accountable - You’ve set a date and time for working out; if your personal trainer is there, you’d better be there too. 


  • Pushing Past Plateaus - plateaus are common and happen to everyone. they can be very frustrating and demotivating, but easy to push past with a little help.

  • Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle - developing a rapport with your personal trainer will help you tweak your diet or other aspects of your lifestyle to help you reach your goals and help you make those incremental steps to fostering a healthy attitude to fitness and adopting exercise as a regular habit. 



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