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Classes are on as usual!

According the yesterday’s government press release, COVID-19 restrictions are being further reduced starting this Friday. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and understanding during these last two weeks. Although we are still unable to return to business as usual, the class set up will be back to normal on Friday 18th with reduced capacity.

· Each class will now be able to accommodate 2 groups of 4 people spaced apart 1.5 meters. Both Spin and HIT rooms will be capped at 8 participants excluding the instructor.

· All bikes will be returned back to the Spin room.

· Masks are no longer required during your workout, however the instructors and staff are required to wear them.

· Please continue to wash and sanitize your hands upon arrival to the studio and after your class.

We are also very excited to bring new and exciting changes to all our members. Heres what’s new at Kapuhala!

· Brand new class – K-Fit! Click here to read more about it.

· TRX and FBX are back on the Schedule!

· NEW class times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am!

· Extra classes on the weekend!

· Some class times have been adjusted

Stay safe, healthy and fit. See you in class! Kapuhala Team

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