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Boxing For Kids (8-14 years old). 12 classes for $1500

The Best Kids Instructor - Coach Joe

Boxing is a discipline that is highly beneficial for kids both mentally and physically. It has a multitude of benefits and is safe and supervised.

Boxing, for kids specifically, has amazing physical benefits. The actual boxing element of the class focuses on the upper body strength and speed. We will begin by learning the correct body mechanics and technique for various moves and then put it into practice. Being able to throw powerful and fast punches, not only trains the muscles involved, it also requires balance needed for footwork and eye-to-hand coordination.

In addition to boxing, the class also includes a lot of useful and necessary exercises such as jumping rope, running, body weight drills of squats, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, etc. This of course will improve your child's overall fitness as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Improved physical abilities are also closely linked to mental benefits. As participants learn and advance their confidence will also increase in and outside the class. Furthermore, kids will quickly learn that focus is an important factor in boxing. Improved focus in class may also translate to better focus in school!

Lastly, most sports activities teach kids, and adults for that matter, self discipline and determination. Boxing takes this to another level. Because, in order to progress and get better at it, it is important to remain consistent with your training and persevere when it doesn't click right away,

The class is on every Thursday from 5:15 to 6:15 pm. Sign up here or email us if you have any questions. To get the best deal, take advantage of the current offer - 12 classes to the end of term (April 11) for $1500. Free trial to new boxers is available.

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