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Kapuhala Book Drive. Feed the Mind, Feed the Warrior!

Calling all Kapuhala members: We’re looking for books!

Training your mind is just as important as training your body. With an eye towards building a library for our guests to enjoy at our Koh Samui Retreat, we’re asking our extended family to donate books. New or used, we’re looking for books on all subjects. Sharing interests and ideas fosters the sort of mutual dialogue and community that we’re working hard to build. Our book drive is a great reason to look through your shelves and clear out those books you don’t need anymore. Please write a dedication in the books that you donate and leave your mark for future readers and help us build our global community of Kapuhala Warriors!

Please donate your books at Kapuhala training space located at Units 13 & 15, LG/F, Office Building, Block 2, Discovery Bay North Plaza, 96 Siena Avenue.

As a thank you to those who donate 5 books we’ll give you a Kapuhala chocolate bar for free. For those who donate 10 books or more we’ll give you a free class.

So, hop to it–mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult fiction, poetry, classics, history, biographies and memoirs, science texts, philosophy, cultural writings and business books—you name it, we’ll take it!

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