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50% off for New Members!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

There is no better time to start working than with a great deal!

This January only new members can enjoy a 50% discount on the 10-class package - that's as low as $80 a class! Better yet, before you pursue this new year resolution, you can enjoy a trial class for free to see if Kapuhala is for you.

Follow these steps to join:

> Please visit and register for an account

> Click on one of the classes that suits your needs and schedule. Check our classes here

> Please arrive up 15 minutes early so the instructor can help you set up

> Enjoy the class!

> This deal is only valid for the month of January. Please email us at to claim the deal.

> Once your membership package is purchased you have as much as 6 months to redeem all of your classes (10 in this case).

*This offer is for new members only. Existing members, stay tuned for more offers next month!

**12-hour cancellation policy also applies to trial classes

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