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Discovery Bay is the flagship location for our first social training space where athletes, people passionate about fitness and most importantly people looking to make a lifestyle change can train to achieve their fitness goals in a friendly, social and communal environment.


Kapuhala's training philosophy is simple:


Burn - Calories through endurance training

Build - muscle through strength training

Fix - your body and mind with yoga  


Multifaceted training is the key to maximising your gains and in turn, staying motivated and consistent in your efforts. We have built our schedule with this formula in mind in order to allow you to make the best of our Spin and HIT studios. 


Experienced trainers, a wide range of group classes suitable for all levels of fitness as well as a social and supportive community environment is what we offer to our members. Sometimes it only takes one class to find yourself on a lifetime journey of fitness. Take that first step today!



Kapuhala Training Space holds regular monthly events, occasional get-togethers and workshops.

Our concept of Kapuhala Warrior is based on an idea of balance. Balanced multifaceted training, balanced inner world. but also a balance between working hard and allowing yourself to indulge occasionally. Kapuhala Warriors know that celebration is an integral part of staying motivated and balanced in life.


Look out for the next event, workshop or post-class drinks - celebrate with us. Celebrate with Kapuhala.



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Kapuhala is a fast-growing movement that aims to build a global community of socially, environmentally and spiritually conscious people through holistic approach to training, nutrition and living. We hope to create a tribe of Kapuhala Warriors that are not only superior athletes, but also are grounded and balanced in their lives and in turn become more capable and willing to give back to society and nature.

Hong Kong

Kapuhala Training Space in Discovery Bay is our latest initiative. Spin and HIT studios located on the waterfront of North Plaza with a view of the bay and HK island.


New projects around HK are coming soon!

Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand is home to our first Training Retreat and Tropical Farm. We have built this stunning island retreat for people in need of a break away from everyday lives, without compromising their training routines.  


Set in the Sicilian countryside on 25 hectares of picturesque and fertile land is our Heritage Farm and Training Resort.


The vintage charm, slow countryside pace, star-studded night skies flavour bursting produce and unique training facilities - a visit you will want to extend!


Fitness is often a completely egotistical pursuit of improving one’s physicality for health or aesthetic reasons. Instead, we invite you to stay fit, eat good food and enjoy our Training Retreats for the good of the communities you live in by transforming your fitness efforts into contributions to charity. At the end of each year, we donate part of our profits to our partner charities in each Kapuhala location.


It is far more rewarding and fulfiling to know that you are more than a regular gym goer. You are an important part of the collective effort to bring positive changes to communities, charities and society as a whole.



We want to keep growing like the Kapuhala tree.

Send us your feedback, comments or suggestions and help us grow together.



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