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Virtual Workouts at Kapuhala

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Staying at home? You're not alone. We all are. Don't give into the sedentary lifestyle and stay active. Enjoy hikes when you can, and when that's not an option join your favourite workouts at Kapuhala from your living room and stay fit with our instructors!

This week we are adding more live-streamed classes from our studio for you to enjoy. Our instructors will motivate you to keep pushing yourself just like they do in classes. You will also see other participants in the group working out alongside you in real-time. Don't miss out and stay in the game!

We have launched a new online class package, please click here to buy.

*Note, that your regular packages are suspended and will be resumed once the studio is operational once again.

Our schedule is available on Mindbody click here to view it. Currently, we are offering the following classes:

Body weight Circuits, Grit and Bodypump.

Don't give in and stay fit with us!

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