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Stay Cool and Spin at Kapuhala!

The summer heat is here and hard to avoid. Now that fitness studios are partially open once again we are excited to offer a new service to our members - spin bike rentals!


You can now come an enjoy your own private spin workout or a group session with your friends every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-4 pm by booking a slot on Mindbody. If you are looking to enjoy your own private workout, please bring a personal screen and headphones as you might be sharing a room. If you are spinning with friends we will provide a projector screen on request for your digital workout, you only need to bring your laptop or tablet (smartphones are not compatible with the projector connection). Advance projector bookings are mandatory and available for group bookings only.

Only a $100 per person/ per hour

Please be reminded that this is not an instructor led class and we will not provide the workout routine. This offer is only available with advanced bookings. Please call at 9120 0177 for more information.

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