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This ain’t no jazz hands workout! There’s no need to worry about free weights, plates or barbells. It isn’t dance either! So, what is STRONG by Zumba?

STRONG is a high-intensity workout experience that’s synced to music. What’s the point? Feel the beat and move to it. Yeah, we make it sound simple, but STRONG combines body weight muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometrics all in a single workout. Our instructor will walk you through the steps and you’ll follow along—every squat, lunge and burpee with every rep making you that much stronger. But there’s more! Not only will you do isometric moves, but STRONG will get you doing kickboxing, jumping jacks and other explosive moves. You’ll get in the groove and forget about the clock all the while burning calories as you tone arms, legs, abs and glutes.

This is a serious workout that’ll meet a host of fitness goals and, if you’re bored, will break up the monotony of your workout repertoire. Including STRONG in your schedule will keep you motivated. Better still, because training at Kapuhala is a social experience, you’ll find friendly faces that’ll keep you coming back, especially on those really blue days.

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