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Kapuhala Personal Training Program

Updated: May 28, 2019

Summer is almost here, so grab this one time offer and take control of your body today!

To kick off the launch of our Kapuhala PT Program we’re offering a promotional deal for new and existing clients: Buy 10 sessions and get one free. This deal is a one-time offer and is valid until the end of June, 2019 (packages are valid for 6 months upon activation).

For all clients that purchase our above promotional deal, we are also offering a supplement deal: Buy an all unlimited 1-month package at a 20% discount. This supplemental deal is also a one-time offer.

What are some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

See Real Results Faster

When embarking on a fitness journey by yourself it’s easy to mundanely hop from one piece of equipment to the next, or do too much of one thing—cardio, weight-lifting and so on. Working with a personal trainer helps you strike a proper balance between all forms of exercise. You get real results in a shorter time frame

Avoid Injuries

If you’re coming back from an injury or are suffering through one, a personal trainer can work around your specific needs. They can help modify exercises or find alternative ones to help you keep on track without exacerbating your injury and causing a flare up.

Setting Achievable Goals

Sometimes it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves and think we can dive into an activity. When we don’t see results or can’t really do the activity correctly it’s easy to get discouraged and retreat. A personal trainer helps you recognize your current level of fitness and set achievable goals that keep you motivated and on track to get fitter.

Keeping Yourself Accountable

Like anything in life fitness requires consistent commitment and training. When going it alone it’s easy to push the snooze button or push off what you can do today. Working with a personal trainer keeps you accountable. You’ve set a date and time for working out; if your personal trainer is there, you’d better be there too.

Pushing Past Plateaus

Even the most avid workout fiend will hit the dreaded plateau. The frustration of putting the time and energy and not seeing result can be demotivating and make you want to give up altogether. A personal trainer can help keep you motivated and push past these barriers.

Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle

With time you end up developing a special rapport with your personal trainer. You spend a lot of time training and pushing yourself to the limits. If things aren’t working out, your personal trainer will ask the hard questions to help you tweak your diet or other aspects of your lifestyle to help you reach your goals. Fitness is a journey and over time your personal trainer will help you make those incremental steps that make you gain a healthy attitude to fitness and make exercise a regular habit.

Read all about our highly experienced Personal trainers here

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