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Kapuhala Newsletter, March 2019

It’s March Madness and we’re well into 2019. Keep up those fitness resolutions you made earlier on in the year. Here’s what’s happening at Kapuhala this month.

Scheduling & New Classes

Friday 10:25 am

TRX + Resistance Training is a great entry level class in which you’ll learn the TRX training method, improving your balance and tightening your core. You’ll simultaneously build strength as you perform resistance drills using free weights.  

Thursday 6:45 pm

Advanced TRX + Circuit class is a fantastic way to challenge yourself. This class involves advanced TRX manoeuvres coupled with a circuit cardio kick as you exercise with free weights to keep your heart rate up. Test your strength, athleticism and endurance! Sign up today!

Wednesday 10:25 am

The resistance training room continues to be reserved for a high-intensity cardio class each Wednesday morning. Every week we alternate between HIIT Step and FBX. Check the schedule for the latest updates.

Kapuhala Training Space News and Events

Kapuhala Food

Our 88% raw, cold-pressed Modica chocolate straight from Sicily is packed full of antioxidants unlike mainstream chocolate bars. Adding to our existing range are two new flavours: Chili and Cinnamon. Enjoy guilt-free chocolate at its best!  You can purchase our products at Uncle Russ Coffee shops in DB and Central, Our Studio in North Plaza as well online.

Pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts perfectly matched with orange blossom honey, Granelloso is our new scrumptious mixed nut brittle bar. Kapuhala brittle bars are made with organic ingredients and imported from Sicily. Our brittle bars take no space in your bag and are a great source of energy when you’re on the go.

The Inversion Workshop with Maddie Booth

Have you ever wanted to be able to do a handstand? Join our handstand workshop with Maddie Booth. You might wonder why bother, but there are plenty of benefits from this deceptively simple action. Inverting the body promotes overall blood circulation to the upper body. The increased blood flow to the brain energizes and calms the mind helping you deal with stress more effectively. These are just some of the many benefits from doing a handstand, but it can be daunting to try it on your own. Maddie will teach you the incremental steps to enter and exit a handstand correctly. This is a 90-minute workshop that’ll run for four consecutive weeks starting on Sunday, 24 March at 11:30 am.   Read more about it here:

Send as an email at to book your spot.

Kapuhala Community Event

Training and pancakes, what’s not to like? Book any morning class (Spin or HIT) on Saturday, 23 March and enjoy healthy pancakes after your workout. Our pancakes are gluten- and dairy-free, made with oats, non-dairy milk and bananas, cutting out refined sugars. Kapuhala is a social training space for a reason!

Kapuhala Spartan SGX Training

The Spartan HK Race 2019 is on Saturday, 1 June, which is just around the corner. To help you get ready and achieve your goals we’re offering a specialized training program. Simon Passmore, our instructor, will set up a course with similar obstacles and tasks that you’ll face on race day, like rope climb, spear throw, bucket brigade, tire drag, Hercules hoist and and more. It’s a functional fitness program that’ll be conducted in different locations around DB to help you get the most out of our local terrain and simulating the race environment. This is the most rigorous training program on offer in Hong Kong. Watch out for further news on our Facebook Page.

Kapuhala Global News

Kapuhala Koh Samui

Koh Samui operations are steadily moving forward as more and more components of the retreat are completed. The kitchen is now fully functional and testing dishes. In the meantime all the way in the basement level our microgreens production is flourishing and continues to supply the kitchen with fresh and nutritious sprouts!

Kapuhala Sicily

The Kapuhala Heritage Farm and Training Retreat is progressing rapidly. Kapuhala sits atop of an immense plot of land where we are cultivating foods that you will soon be enjoying - thriving vineyards, citrus plants, olive trees, almond trees and a lot more. We are about to plant the edible garden that will surround the swimming pool area just as the world's first botanic yoga studio is about to be populated with fragrant herbs, vines and other plants that will surround our guests while they stretch and unwind in this unique and blissful environment.

Almond Tree in Full Bloom

Get to Know Our Instructors

Camille and fitness are like fish and water. Calling Canada’s West Coast her home, she’s always been drawn to water and mountain sports. A keen passion for the gym and indoor training was ignited by Les Mills Bodypump, which she’s actively pursued ever since. Her affable personality radiates in class and she’s always willing to share her knowledge about how to get the most out of your workout. She recognizes the importance of strength training for women, which is often minimized by fitness misconceptions. She encourages all women to get involved no matter their age or fitness level. Camille is certified as a Les Mills Bodypump Instructor, Les Mills Bodypump Advanced Instructor (AIM1) and Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor.  

Outdoor sport activities have always been a great passion of Michela’s. Hailing from Italy, Michela has spent over 20 years training for and participating in both running and cycling races in her home country. Relocating to Hong Kong with her family hasn’t stopped her drive and spirit. Michela continues to participate in local races. She’s an experienced athlete and eager to share her passion for cardio. She believes in the importance of regular exercise to build character and improve well-being in all aspects of one’s life. Michela is certified as an Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor.

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