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Kapuhala Newsletter, February 2019

Welcome to the second edition of Kapuhala’s Newsletter where we share important news and events, and help you get to know our brand. Our goal is to foster a communal space where you can embrace your journey of health and fitness. So, check out what’s happening this month.

Scheduling & New Classes

Les Mills RPM

New to Kapuhala schedule is RPM, which will be on Tuesdays at 10:25am with Joanne. RPM is a Les Mills choreographed indoor cycling workout and is a great add-on to our original Spin programs designed by highly experienced instructors.

TRX Is Back!

Back by popular demand we’re pleased to let you know that TRX is returning. TRX class will be held on Thursdays at 6:45pm. It’s a great way to strengthen your core and improve balance. Suitable for beginners.

FBX and HIIT Step

Burn calories like a Warrior on Wednesdays 10:25am. Our instructor Rosa will alternate every week between FBX (Fat Burn Extreme) and HIIT Step. Make your Wednesday a high intensity cardio day!

Kapuhala Training Space News and Events

We’re pleased to announce we’ve partnered with Kalamansee, a social loyalty app. What does this mean for you? As you purchase your packages you will earn points that you can redeem for Kapuhala merchandise and free classes or even a night at our Koh Samui retreat! Next time you buy a package make sure you download the Kalamansee’s app. Read more here about how to take advantage of this promotion.

We are excited to invite you to our monthly community event on February 23rd! We will discuss dieting and how to remain consistent with your weight loss efforts long term; how different nutritional plans can help you achieve optimal training and fitness results as well as how food can affect not just your athletic performance but also your cognitive abilities. Our speakers are Justine Quintano - leading accredited dietician from DB’s Island Health, Antony Pringle - certificate holder in plant-based nutrition, last year's Spartan Beast Taiwan race winner (AG) and a Cathay Pacific pilot ; Stefano Passarello - NEA Managing Director at Hawksford, 3-time local winner of the Hong Kong Marathon and Ironman World Championship fastest marathon runner (AG).  Following the informative and fun discussion, we will enjoy some healthy snacks and drinks as we usually do at Kapuhala.

 To sign up please mark yourself as attending on our Facebook event page.

We have launched our new e-commerce website: You can now buy our Sicilian specialty food items such as the community favourite 88% Modica chocolates as well as original Kapuhala merchandise. We are constantly working to develop new products so follow us on Facebook to be the first one to hear about it.

Global Kapuhala News

Tropical Farm and Training Retreat

We’ve been working hard to carve out a special place for our Kapuhala Warriors and we’re thrilled to share that our Koh Samui Tropical Farm and Training Retreat will be up and running by the beginning of July. You’ll be able to train and recuperate in tropical lush surroundings and unique, ecological tented villas. Enjoy our own grown organic food prepared at our plant-based restaurant, Halapua. We’re offering a 50% off early bird promotion to all of our friends and supporters for the month of May. Some areas of the retreat will not be 100% completed, however, we want you to be the first ones to experience the Kapuhala Warrior lifestyle. 

Visit for more information and to book your stay.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first one to learn about Kapuhala News.

Get to Know Our Instructors

Emma Bell

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Emma thought she’d take it easy when she and her husband decided to move to Hong Kong. Realizing she’s not one to sit around she quickly returned to teaching classes. Emma is our most experienced instructor and her vivacious personality permeates her classes motivating all around. She is certified in Les Mills Bodypump, Les Mills Bodycombat, Les Mills Bodyattack, as well as Schwinn Cycling. Her holiday spin classes are not to be missed! Whether it’s Spooky spin, 50K post-Xmas spin or New Year’s Eve spin, these classes get fully booked well in advance because they’re fun and a great way to be part of the DB fitness community. 

Rosa-Maria Knutar

With every fibre in her being it’s easy to see that fitness is Rosa’s passion and she’s keen on awakening it in others. Originally from Finland, Rosa has always participated in sports. She’s competed at the highest levels in cross-country skiing as well as track and field competitions. Rosa has built on her athletic achievements moving into the world of fitness training. She is certified in Les Mills Bodypump, Les Mills GRIT and indoor cycling. But Rosa’s not one to rest on her laurels! She continues to challenge herself and has recently been certified to instruct FBX and HIIT Step. Being a mum of four kids, Rosa understands the struggle to balance life’s challenges and is eager to help people maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.  

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