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Get Rewarded for Staying Fit!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Kapuhala Training Space has partnered up with Kalamansee to bring you exclusive deals and offers, reward you for your loyalty and allow you to share offers with your friends.

Please follow the steps laid out below to help you set up your account.

1. To start you will have to download the Kalamansee application on your smartphone. Please register for an account using a valid HK telephone number (only local HK phone numbers).

2. After successful registration, explore the application. On the main page you will see listed categories. You will find Kapuhala under the fitness section.

3. Once you make any purchase on our website we will credit your Kalamansee account with a corresponding amount of points to the value of your purchase. Points will be credited at the end of each week. For purchases made at the studio in person, our instructors will credit your accounts manually for you on your smartphone. After you have made your purchase and appropriate points were awarded, your wallet will be activated on the Kalamansee application. In your wallet you will be able to see the points you have accumulated as well as your purchase history. Please note, that you will only be able to see Kapuhala in your wallet after we have credited the points to you at the end of the week, which may be up to 6 days after your purchase on

4. Upon reaching 47 points, which is the equivalent of a 15 class package you will be able to redeem a reward of 2 free classes. 60 points or 20 class package will earn you 3 free classes! You may also choose to accumulate your points and save up for the highest tier in the reward category - 1 free night for 2 people at Kapuhala Farm and Training retreat in Koh Samui!

5. Once you are ready to redeem your desired reward please speak to one of our instructors at the studio and they will assist you or email us at

6. In addition to rewards you can redeem for yourself, you will also receive a gift upon any purchase at You may share this gift with your friends (existing contacts in your phone) that you think might be interested or benefit from it. This month the gift is a 30 min introductory session with one of our instructors. This would be a perfect gift for a first timer at Kapuhalaspace or you may use yourself if you have any questions.

7. The recipient of the gift will receive a text message and will have to download the Kalamansee application to redeem their gift.

We will be adding more gifts as time goes on, so keep an eye out for it!

If you have any questions or require assistance to help you set up please email us at or message us on Facebook messenger and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.


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