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Double Trouble Mondays!

As all of us continue to practice social distancing and all fitness facilities remain closed, online classes are gaining more popularity. Here at Kapuhala Training Space we have also witnessed an increased attendance and are now adding more classes to help you get through the week with enough fitness content. Every Monday you can now enjoy a double dose of endorphins and post-workout rush! Grit at 9:15 am, a 30 minute high-intensity workout will now be followed by Bodypump at 10:15 am. With a total of 1.5 hours of fitness you will burn a high amount of calories and keep up your athletic conditioning.

Live Streamed and Recorded Live Bodypump.


Join the dream-team of Bodypump instructors, Camille and Ivaras for Live Streamed Bodypump classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a Live session and workout with the instructors you are used to. Routine and familiar patterns and faces often are what pushes us to stick with something, creating habits and making us successful! We are now also offering Bodypump recorded live classes. For those of you that cannot make the scheduled live streamed classes, we have added to our schedule the recorded footage from the live class. 1) Choose a time slot that works for you 2) Sign in 3) Receive a password from our studio administrator

4) Workout at your own pace! The recorded workouts will be updated after every live streamed session, continuously bringing you new content 3 times a week! Click here to see the schedule and email us at or call us at 9120 0177 if you'd like to see another time slot on the schedule!

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