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New Class - Fatburn Extreme

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Fatburn Extreme is a new concept in instructor led fitness training and weight loss exercising. It is a fixed 30 minute maximal intensity workout where participants will work to the point of total exhaustion and minimal rest for recovery. Anyone can attend this class regardless of age, gender, or current fitness capabilities. Participants are asked to perform to the best of their individual capabilities.

Kapuhala's FBX class is also combined with a core strengthening workout to maximise your gains. However, if you are pressed for time the core workout is optional. The workout is designed using latest fitness research with the sole purpose of burning maximum calories in minimum time!

The FBX system has been designed to optimise the principles of ‘overload’; the process by which the neuromuscular system adapts to unaccustomed loads or stressors.  This is accomplished by frequent manipulation of the training variables so that the neuromuscular system does not have a chance to familiarise with the application. The workout protocol has been designed to develop quality lean muscle tissue whilst catabolising visceral fat stores. Compound movements are incorporated which provide focussed metabolic responses and hormonal stress leading to an increase in resting metabolic rate. Exercise of this nature has proven to yield more positive results and increase fitness levels in a shorter period of time. Fatburn Extreme

FBX + Core Training is on Tuesdays at 11:35am right after Bodypump

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