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Our instructors and trainers are passionate and driven about every single aspect of health and fitness, each hand-picked to motivate, challenge, and inspire you in every session. 


Senior Instructor

Born in the UK, fitness has been in Emma’s family from a young age where she helped her family build a successful aerobics empire throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. Emma has been teaching fitness since the age of 18, and competed to a high level through sports education including swimming, tennis and hockey, as well as representing England in horse-riding. She has hosted televised aerobics on behalf of Manchester United Football Club, obtained advanced instructing qualifications up to choreographer level and loves all things Group Exercise from weights to cardio to high intensity interval training.

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor
Les Mills Bodycombat Instructor
Les Mills Bodyattack Instructor
Certified Schwinn Cycling Instructor
Certified Advanced Spinning Instructor
Level 2 gym, Circuits and Weights Qualified
Exercise to Music Advanced Instructor



Camille’s fitness journey has mostly involved outdoor activities. Calling Canada’s West Coast her home, she is naturally drawn to water and mountain sports. A passion for the gym was ignited the first time she experienced Les Mills Bodypump and she’s been hooked ever since! Camille recognises the importance of strength training for women and encourages all women to get involved no matter their age or fitness level.

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor

Les Mills Bodypump Advanced Instructor (AIM1)
Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor



Rosa spent most of her life being involved in sporting activities. Born and raised in the area of Lapland in northern Finland, Rosa competed at the highest levels in cross country skiing as well as track and field competitions. Here in Hong Kong, through her discovery of Les Mills and Kapuhala, she was able to utilise her athletic achievements and sportsmanship experience to deliver passionate, motivating and high energy workouts to each and every person attending her classes. Rosa is also a mother to 4 children and recognises the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Les Mills GRIT Strength, Athletic and Cardio Instructor

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor

Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor

HIIT STEP Instructor

FBX Instructor

TRX Certified Instructor

Simon Passmore

Instructor| Personal Trainining  Programme Manager

Simon has been competing in a variety of team and individual sports his whole life, plus running races through to marathon level. More recently he has developed a passion for the strength, endurance and athleticism required for obstacle course races leading to his personal training style being that of functional exercise modalities. Simon has a passion for healthy living and nutrition, and as a previous finance professional he enjoys helping clients mix busy lives with achieving their fitness goals.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Spartan SGX Certified Coach

TRX Certified Instructor

Animal Flow Level 1 Instructor

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach



Ewa has been a fitness trainer for over 10 years. Although originally from Poland she has also worked in California, Shanghai and is now based in Hong Kong. Having acquired considerable experience in a wide range of disciplines such as bodybuilding, cycling, ultra-marathon running and short distance racing, Ewa is able to leverage those skills to create fun and challenging group sessions. Currently, most of her time is devoted to High-Intensity Training – a style which helped her get back into shape only 4 months after giving birth for the second time. Ewa is vastly experienced in training pre and post-natal clients, proving that regardless of age staying fit during or after pregnancy is undoubtedly possible with careful and smart programming.


NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Certified Instructor

Pre and Postnatal Certified Trainer

Sports Nutrition Certified Trainer

Kettlebell Certified Trainer



Ivaras Sharapovas

Instructor| Branding Manager

Hailing from Lithuania and growing up by the seaside, Ivaras has always been a competitive sportsman, swimming, wrestling and playing basketball through his teen years. In May 2015 Ivaras moved to Hong Kong where he discovered Kapuhala and it's community, which brought about a resurgent interest in health and fitness, particularly callisthenics, weightlifting and nutritional science. Soon after Ivaras became an integral part of the global Kapuhala brand and after transforming his own lifestyle and fitness he added to his qualifications list a Les Mills Bodypump and TRX instructor certificates. Ivaras’s curious disposition makes him look at health and fitness in a holistic way—understanding diet and nutrition in conjunction with a good knowledge of weightlifting principles to achieve manageable, real, long-lasting results. He’s keen on motivating and encouraging others to regularly exercise and knows first hand how life-changing it can be. If you’ve attended any of our social events you’ve probably met him, he is always around and happy to chat.

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor

TRX Certified Instructor

Joseph James Gutierrez

Instructor| Senior Kids Instructor

Joseph was born in Hong Kong and has been an active sportsman from a young age. His affinity for sports is evident in his achievements. Joseph has competed in district athletics, represented U18 & U20s Hong Kong rugby for the Asian Qualifiers and was in the training squad for the Junior World Trophy. He also competed in Rugby Varsity 7s for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and continues to play competitively for the Hong Kong Scottish Rugby Union today. Through his extensive involvement in competitive sports Joseph has aquired experience in Strongman and speed training as well as strength & conditioning training, elements of which he incorporates in his weekly classes.

TRX Certified Instructor

Children Fitness Instructor

Level 1 Rugby Coaching 

Simon Tasker


Simon has significant experience in strength and conditioning training. As a former Hong Kong Rugby international player he understands and appreciates the importance of hard work, dedication and commitment to training strength and overall fitness. 


Simon specialises in group Bootcamp training and is very passionate about nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. He also believes that fitness is something that should be enjoyed by all. Above all, he enjoys constantly learning and acquiring knowledge which he uses to give his clients an edge in their personal fitness goals.

Ray Mudgway


Although a pilot by profession, Ray’s passion lies with sports and fitness. Growing up in New Zealand with a heavy sporting family background, Ray has studied sports science and played numerous sports at representative levels in particular Rugby League, Cricket and Touch Rugby. Prior to a career as a pilot, Ray was a paid athlete, which has given him the discipline and fortitude to achieve real and lasting results. He has worked with many professional trainers and understands the importance of recognizing injuries and working on rehabilitation. As such, Ray can help make necessary adjustments to workouts to ensure continued progress while protecting injuries. Using his coaching and athletic background he will push you harder and faster. He’ll make sure you reach your limits and give your workout all you have got. Now as a Discovery Bay resident, he continues to participate in community sporting life playing for the Pirates rugby team, Tag, and Pacific Toa Rugby League. 

Les Mills GRIT Strength, Athletic and Cardio Instructor



Outdoor sport activities have always been a great passion of Michela. For over 20 years she has trained for and participated in running and cycling races in Italy where she is from. After relocating to Hong Kong with her family she continues to train for local races. Michela is an experienced athlete who enjoys sharing her passion for cardio, because she strongly believes that regular exercise significantly improves all aspects of our lives and that people should never stop challenging themselves.

Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 Instructor.



Joyce is a mother of two and has been very active in the Health and Fitness field for over 20 years. She regularly participates in trail running and more recently competed in sprint triathlons. As a qualified nurse who teaches CPR and First Aid, Joyce's focus is to empower and motivate people to achieve their individual health and fitness goals.

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 instructor

Joanne Hughes


UK born, Joanne has always been a fitness enthusiast, in particular, a keen spinner. The advent of her son’s birth in Ireland sparked a newfound passion for fitness that prompted her to adopt a healthier lifestyle and train as a spin instructor. While in Ireland, Joanne attended Les Mills RPM classes and later trained for the RPM program at the prestigious Westward Gym in Clontarf, Dublin. Late last year Joanne and her family relocated to Hong Kong and she’s quickly found her groove becoming a valuable member of the Kapuhala tribe. She’s since instructed a weekly RPM class in our spin studio. With an eye towards keeping her classes motivating and fun for members, Joanne keeps up to date with the quarterly RPM releases and mixes them with older ones. Her passion for Spin is evident and Joanne is eager to help motivate others make a commitment to their own fitness. Always interested in self-improvement, Joanne has recently pursued another indoor bike instructor qualification, completing the Spinning® Instructor Certification, which is the gold standard for indoor cycling education and certification worldwide. 

Les Mills RPM Instructor 

Indoor Cycling Group Stage 1 instructor

Nikkie Romais


Australian born, Nikkie has always held a strong passion for fitness from a young age. Her athletic prowess ranges from participating in dance competitions and instructing hip hop classes to compete in the INBA Northern Territory Natural Physique Titles and various running competitions. Her true passion though lies with the Les Mills GRIT program. Having experienced first-hand the fast results that come from integrating HIIT training into a weekly routine, she is a GRIT enthusiast. That aside, Nikkie has over 10 years’ professional experience as a tourism publicist working with leading tourism brands, travel editors and television producers. Nikkie is also a mother and having trained during her own pregnancy is confident in offering low-impact options to suit varying levels of fitness.

Les Mills GRIT Strength, Athletic and Cardio Instructor

Tayla Hendriks


Australian grown, Tayla’s love for fitness stemmed from attending Les Mills classes in outback Australia. She enjoyed them so much she decided to become a Bodyattack instructor, and then go on to be a Personal Trainer. Tayla loves integrating high-intensity training and weight lifting, although she can “Tayla” a workout to suit you. Her passion for combining fitness with good nutrition helps her to lead a healthy lifestyle, and her goal is to help others forge their own path to a healthier and happier life. Tayla does her best to help others find a style of training for them so that they can enjoy exercise too.

Les Mills Bodyattack instructor
 Certified Personal Trainer by the Australian Institute of Fitness


Guest Instructor

Wesley, like most Australians, has been involved in sports his entire life. With over 10 years of experience in strength training, Wesley also regularly competes in running competitions locally and overseas. As a pilot, he appreciates the challenges that people with shifting schedules and frequent traveling face to remain health conscious.

Les Mills Bodypump Instructor 

Les Mills GRIT Instructor 

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

10 years of strength training experience

Fitness Institute Australia - Certificate III



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