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Kapuhala Training Space is a social gym as well as a community of like-minded people. There is no need to be intimidated. We meet you at your current level of fitness and strive to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. At Kapuhala we offer a variety of daily fitness classes that improve your strength, power and conditioning. We also host workshops, talks and other community events related to specific topics on general health and athletic performance, which often fall to the wayside in the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong.  Our mission is to support you on your journey towards a healthier you— whether it’s regaining your physical health or reaching new uncharted heights. All are welcome!

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Established by New Zealander Leslie Roy Mills, a four-time Olympian, Les Mills BODYPUMP is a choreographed barbell-based resistance training workout that challenges all major muscles groups as you squat, row, lung, lift and curl.  The program is based on “The Rep Effect”, a proven method that exhausts muscles through the use of light to moderate weights while performing high repetitions - effectively building lean muscle mass, toning and sculpting your body. A 1-hour workout can burn up to 540 calories! 


The choreographed routine changes every three months and is set to the latest chart-topping hits, keeping it relevant and fun with new challenges and innovations in each new release. Les Mills is a global fitness enterprise so when you’re away from home all you need to do is search for classes in your holiday location and you’ll be ready to go.  Incorporate two to three BODYPUMP classes in your weekly fitness routine to shed fat, build muscle and improve bone density.


Check out for more info!

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness




GRIT Strength + Core is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout aimed at building lean muscle and improving strength.  This class uses a barbell, weight plates and body weight to tax all the major muscle groups and keep you burning fat well beyond the class. Like BODYPUMP, a new GRIT Strength + Core program is released every three months to challenge and motivate you. Adding these short, sharp sessions to your overall fitness routine doesn’t allow your body to get complacent and produces dramatic results. Each class also includes a 20-minute core workout.


Here’s some more information about HIIT training and why it’s so effective:


High-Intensity Interval Training triggers the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect, more widely known as “the after-burn”. Repeating short bursts of intense exercises with minimal recovery time leads your muscles to fatigue and causes your body to release more lactic acid through the process of Anaerobic Glycolyses - the transformation of glucose to lactic acid when limited amounts of oxygen (O2) are available. It is eventually converted back into glucose, then glycogen, by the liver. In the process to re-establish bodily equilibrium fat stores are broken down and free fatty acids (FFA) are released in the bloodstream. By increasing your metabolic rate and trying to regain somatic balance, your body ends up working harder in states of rest.


Skill level: Intermediate and above



Spin is a freestyle indoor cardio-based cycling program.  You can burn over 700 calories in just one session!  Follow your instructor as they take you through a program mimicking nature’s terrain - climbing up and down hills, sprinting, hovering and more to your favourite music.  Your experienced instructor will give you a primer on your stationary bike: how to adjust the bike to best suit you; how to maintain proper posture and technique; and how to regulate the resistance during class.  Spin is a great low-impact and relatively stationary exercise that is highly effective.  You are in control.  You decide the resistance level of your workout.

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness

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Les Mills RPM

RPM (Revolutions per Minute) is one of the latest fitness programs created by the Les Mills brand.  RPM is a group-based indoor cycling workout.  Our instructor will challenge you to push yourself as you climb, spirit, and ride to fun music.  It’s an ideal low-impact workout but don’t be fooled. You can burn up to 675 calories in just one session!  You’ll also improve your aerobic fitness.  RPM is a great way to build confidence as you draw on the group’s energy and find your own rhythm to the music. Like other Les Mills classes, there’s no worry about getting bored because a new program is released every three months. RPM is a 60-minute class.


Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness



HIIT Step is an innovative high-intensity cardio class. The main workout consists of a 20-minute sequence of varying quick-paced moves performed only using body weight and a box step. This class is designed to keep your heart rate consistently elevated, but not to worry there are breaks during the workout.  Between the warm-up and the additional core targeting section, HIIT Step is a 60-minute class.  You can burn up 400 calories in one class and feel the afterburn effects for up to 24 hours post-exercise.  HIIT Step improves power, speed and coordination.  It’s a great class to incorporate into your overall exercise routine to change things up.  Most of all, it’s just plain fun exercising in a group.



Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate. Not Suitable for pregnant women. 



Fat Burn Extreme (FBX) is a class designed to keep you heart-rate above 85 percent of your maximum threshold, which triggers your metabolism helping you burn fat for up to 48 hours post-workout.  It’s about pushing yourself to reach maximum intensity in minimum time but in a safe way.  This is a 55-minute class. The main segment is a 20-minute high intensity, body weight workout comprising of jumps, sprints, planks and much more. It is short, intense and predominantly cardio based. The remainder of the time is allocated for an optional core-strengthening workout.



Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate 



Circuit training is a great way to switch things up and keep you motivated and push past a plateau.  It’s always a different workout.  So, expect the unexpected!  In a typical class, you’ll start with a warm up to get you ready to perform a sequence of 8-10 exercises that target all the major muscle groups.  Each station consists of a different moderate- to high-intensity exercise followed by short periods of rest.  The options are endless: outdoor/indoor exercises, cardio, weightlifting, plyometrics, AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible), pyramids, and Tabata.  Just show up and get your sweat on!

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness


A kettlebell workout offers a whole body, multi-joint workout with compound exercises. This highly anaerobic workout increases power, grip strength and aids in weight loss. You’ll learn the basic movements such as the swing, snatch, clean and jerk, goblet squat and more to develop your fitness arsenal. Build a robust body with good posture and spinal stability, while improving your cardiovascular capacity. The class format typically incorporates circuits to help you get the most out of your workout.

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness



TRX is a suspension-based exercise system created by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick as a way to keep fit during interruptions between deployments and unknown conditions. With professional athletes integrating TRX into their training routines, its success has permeated into the general market. TRX uses adjustable straps that are secured to a wall for a workout that uses body weight as your only resistance. TRX is scalable and adaptable, the degree of difficulty is up to you as you are in control of the level of incline you choose to have for the exercises you perform. This class is also a fantastic core workout and a great way to build stamina and improve balance.

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness

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Teen Warriors of Kapuhala is a great way for teens to learn and develop skill sets that will last a lifetime.  Each session created by our instructor and a personal trainer Simon Passmore will focus on different areas of fitness like building strength and endurance, increasing range of mobility, and developing agility.  Teens will engage in bodyweight, cross-fit, weight-lifting, and HIT training depending on the session.  They’ll also learn how to correctly use functional equipment like weights, ViPR, TRX and kettlebells.  This is a fantastic outlet for teenagers to build self-confidence and make new friends. No need to be nervous, just give it a try.  In fact, bring along a friend!

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness

Age: Teenagers 13 years old and above.

Boxing Circuits.jpg


Boxing circuits consist of warm-up drills, shadow boxing and, ultimately, sparring to build confidence and coordination. This class is highly effective at improving conditioning, endurance and promotes bodily awareness and presence. It’s a total body workout that induces fat loss and muscle definition. We start with 15 minutes of boxing-related cardio (skip rope, agility ladder and shadow boxing) to get your feet moving. We then proceed to 35-40 minutes of intense boxing drills, in which you’ll learn how to piece together a boxing sequence like a set of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. Finally, we will finish the class with strength training. This class is a synthesis of mind and body - as you think on your feet, coordinate your moves and learn to parry against a partner.


Skill level: This class is classified by age range. We offer adult, teen (14 - 18)  and preteen (8 - 14 years old) classes. Open to all levels of fitness



While the benefits of regular high intensity and resistance training are numerous, it’s important to counterbalance these forms of physical exercise to maintain peak performance. Flexomob is a uniquely tailored class that consists of modified yoga poses that concentrate on stretching tight muscles, strengthening the core and increasing your range of joint mobility. Following these series of movements corrects alignment and improves body posture and form to prevent injury in other more rigorous classes. This slow-paced, low-impact class allows you to centre yourself with breathing techniques and quieten your mind helping you recharge for whatever comes next.

Skill level: Open to all levels of fitness



Modern life can be tough on kids: balancing school work and exams; pursuing after-school commitments; maintaining family and friendships; and dealing with the world of the Internet (social media, digital content, online games and more). It’s important to combat these stresses to raise healthy and well-balanced kids. We’re here to help build future warriors that are fighting fit to deal with the rigours of life! Kids camp consists of different activities and games that develop skills and build self-confidence as well as physical fitness—racing, spinning, boot camp, touch rugby, team-tasks and a lot more.  Let’s help you get your child ready for what lies ahead.

Age range: 5-10 (contact us for more information) 


In addition to our regular classes, we also host workshops throughout the year. These special sessions typically are theme-related and focus on strategies to facilitate overall well-being. For instance, a popular workshop conducted by one of the top-ranked osteopaths in Asia delivers information on how best to manage back pain, fatigue and performance inertia. Other examples include - hand/head stand workshop or a Q&A session with Physiotherapist. Keep an eye out for announcements of the next workshop on our Facebook page and/or email. 


Workshops are open to all, teenagers included (12 years of age and above)

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